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Performance of measurements: Using modern computer controlled measuring equipment we perform measurement of numerous electrical values on both low and high voltage. By analysis and evaluation of obtained results we ascertain the quality of electrical energy on the studied location and consequently we propose solutions in order to eliminate found problems. On top
Design: We design many kinds of electrical equipment. Our speciality is power factor correction equipment of any kind to be installed on either low or high voltage. Mentioned equipment may be manual or automatic controlled and, on low voltage only, may include also dynamic stages. There is a wide range of the total output per equipment, any equipment is individually adjusted to needs of the particular consumer. Consumers may be electrical utilities, industrial facilities, or craft shops. On top
Advanced problems: We help solving some problems related to the quality of electrical energy arising with large industrial consumers and electrical utilities. Mentioned problems are notably reduction of higher harmonics in electrical network, reduction of flickers, assurance of stable power consumption, reduction of consumption peaks and similar. On top
Production: Our production range is both power factor correction equipment and other electrical devices designed by our company. On request we manufacture also equipment designed by other designers. On top
Installation:  We install and commission all equipment produced by our company. On top
Service: We perform full service of equipment produced by our company. On customer request we perform service of equipment produced by any other company including transformers. Periodical or regular servicing can be performed by long term contract. On top
Replacement: We replace old-fashioned capacitors including PCB (askarel) impregnated capacitors with modern environment-friendly capacitors. On customer request we check and replace all parts of power correction equipment on both low and high voltage.On top



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