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Power factor correction





Power factor correction equipment is always adjusted to both customer requirements and working conditions in the network point where they shall be installed.

Concerning the working voltage the equipment is designed either for low for high voltage.

Concerning the network conditions the equipment can be designed either as  simple capacitor version or as filter version. In filter version power capacitors are combined with power chokes. The filter version enables the reduction of higher harmonics in the network and this way provides the necessary and by rules defined quality of electrical energy.

Concerning the working mode the equipment can be designed either as fixed or as automatic. According to special requests or to working conditions automatic equipment can include also dynamic stages eventually necessary for  the power correction of very dynamic loads e.g. lifts and cranes, welding equipment and similar.



Most important parts of the power correction equipment are as follows:


         Chokes (with filter equipment only)

         Power controllers

         Switching parts: special contactors, power switches, fuses, etc.

On customer request all mentioned parts in any old equipment can be replaced by modern types. See also Section replacement.



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